So this was our reaction after Wicked HEHE!

Sobrang epic ’cause we arrived late ang lala. We arrived at Solaire around 20:30, we needed to wait for a break before we could enter, so as not to disturb the audience. The legroom of their seats were too narrow, the people seated in our row needed  to stood up pa so we can pass, so sorry guys.

The show was wonderful HUHU. I love watching theater plays pero no budget to watch legit shows like Wicked. DJ and I watched these shows in the past two years..

LIVE AIDS, UP Diliman | June 2015

PARA KAY B, UST | December 201512308375_10153847744994658_8134554003457914812_n

EKS, PLM| February 2016

STAGES OF LOVE, ADMU | April 2016 (This show was legit beautiful, talented cast.)12891801_992130294207993_895809545222442114_o

Wicked was really wicked! The stage design was remarkable, feel na feel mo lang na natatransform ka sa ibang place, lahat ng aspect maganda talaga. HAY! I was so moved with the song FOR GOOD, please listen here.

I would like to thank my bestfriend Ansherina, the Elphaba to my Glinda (we even changed our FB nicknames LOL) for coercing me to watch it with her, I love you. Next time huwag na tayo late (leave Laguna 4 hours earlier HAHA).

I did not expect the show to last until 23:00, I arrived home past 1:00 already, best gimik ever HAHA #CULTURED


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