Yesterday Mom, Sis and me went to my second favorite shopping place, Divisoria (Ukay-ukay’s first). We went there at around 10 in the morning, Mr. Sunshine shining so bright I almost faint not to mention the crowd. When going to Divisoria please wear your most comfortable clothes and shoes, no accessories (if possible), lots of patience and strong self-control on buying this and that (haha).

So there, we usually shop at the 168 shopping mall, yes may be some of you are not aware that there were actually malls at Divisoria which are fully-air-conditioned and stuffed with shops and food stores. Just to enumerate some are again the 168 Shopping Mall, the 999 Mall and the most famous of them, the mall named after the place, Divisoria Mall.

At the 168 Mall if you’re claustrophobic you can’t last a minute there. Shops are placed so close together you can’t move freely. It is always packed with people; customers, guys with loads, vendors and snatchers.

Pleas do also expect Chinese/Korean owners of shops, you should talk to them with ease and charming fez so that you can make ‘tawad’. Speaking of price bidding mom’s a hustler.

So here’s the list of the things I bought:

1. Toms Shoes (Imitation)

I bought this for 300 pesos only, the original would cost me 2000++ bucks, why should I care giving another pair to someone I don’t know (famous advertising campaign of Toms), if I can buy a pair almost 1/6 of the real price. There are lots of designs there, and way cheaper than in Greenhills and of course on online shops, people on facebook sells this for 600pesos, goodness. So if you want some Toms shoes, go at Divisoria.

Original Toms: For every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. One for One.

I say, at Divisoria for 1 piece you buy, you get another 5, all yours. haha.

2. Cath Kidston Saddle Bag (Imitation)

Of all the things that I bought this one is my favorite, because it took us going back and forth the floors of the mall for this. The story goes like this: I saw this bag and told Mom I like it, ask the price to the saleslady, too pricey, said no, then I realize I really do like it, the searching began, we don’t know exactly where we saw it, I’m almost on the verge of giving up when the God of shopping open the doors for me to saw the shop, finally. Haha. I bought it. Check the price online for the original one, 5000 pesos? Goodness. I’m so kilig when I’m seeing this bag :) They have a lot designs, including hand bags, small saddle bags, back packs and more.

3. DS Style Shoes

Shoes, yet again. This shoes looks like Toms but the brand is different. Bought it because of the print haha. I bought it just for 250 pesos.

4. Net book Bag

When I’m inside Tech shops, I’m always looking for a net book bag just like this, I wanted a net book bag with garterized straps so that the cover of the net book won’t get dirty and all, I can’t find any and some are really expensive. So there I bought this for 200 bucks only. I don’t actually like pink but I like being girly sometimes. :)

5. iPhone Accessories

I bought a new iPhone case and good thing about it I can now put key chain on it, so I also bought this angry birds pig chain. :)

6. Stick Notes

Yes this is a stick note pad. Cuteness overload, 4 pads for only 30 pesos.

The end. Actually there’s more but I’m so lazy to blog it all. Now I know you want  to fly to Divisoria haha. Go now go. :)

Now, I’m really craving for Ukay-Ukay shopping, the cheapest shop of them all, hahahahaha.

Don’t hesitate to ask me questions. :))


6 thoughts on “DIVISORIA 101

    • hi sa bagong extension ng 168 2nd floor..pero nagpunta ako dun last sunday lang..marami na ring ibang stalls na nagtitinda sa 168 :) keep me updated.

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