To the woman who taught me how to be a strong independent woman… Happy Mother’s Day Mom. Thank you for taking care of me for the past twenty-five years (still counting). Thank you for allowing me to be your daughter and best friend. Thank you for trusting me with your feelings and thoughts; sorry if I can’t be the supportive daughter every time as I tend to argue with your decisions almost every time HAHA! Thank you for buying me Jollibee Tuna Pie when I ask. Thank you for always being ready to accept my hugs and holding my hands when we’re out. Thank you for supporting all my endeavors in life. Thank you for loving my friends and always asking their condition. Thank you for making me feel loved every day since  1991. Thank you for giving chance to Papa, your then high school suitor, turned boyfriend and then husband. Thank you for blessing me with four amazing siblings.  Thank you for existing Mom, because of you I will always have a reason to be thankful.

I love you so much Mom, forget the flowers, jewelry, and other luxuries… what more can you ask for when you have ME? HAHA! Mom, please don’t get sick of me and my overwhelming, usually annoying presence. Muaaaaaah!




So this was our reaction after Wicked HEHE!

Sobrang epic ’cause we arrived late ang lala. We arrived at Solaire around 20:30, we needed to wait for a break before we could enter, so as not to disturb the audience. The legroom of their seats were too narrow, the people seated in our row needed  to stood up pa so we can pass, so sorry guys.

The show was wonderful HUHU. I love watching theater plays pero no budget to watch legit shows like Wicked. DJ and I watched these shows in the past two years..

LIVE AIDS, UP Diliman | June 2015

PARA KAY B, UST | December 201512308375_10153847744994658_8134554003457914812_n

EKS, PLM| February 2016

STAGES OF LOVE, ADMU | April 2016 (This show was legit beautiful, talented cast.)12891801_992130294207993_895809545222442114_o

Wicked was really wicked! The stage design was remarkable, feel na feel mo lang na natatransform ka sa ibang place, lahat ng aspect maganda talaga. HAY! I was so moved with the song FOR GOOD, please listen here.

I would like to thank my bestfriend Ansherina, the Elphaba to my Glinda (we even changed our FB nicknames LOL) for coercing me to watch it with her, I love you. Next time huwag na tayo late (leave Laguna 4 hours earlier HAHA).

I did not expect the show to last until 23:00, I arrived home past 1:00 already, best gimik ever HAHA #CULTURED


Hello, blog, one of my goals this year is to write more. Pero sobrang tamad ko lang talaga! I’m not lazy pala, super efficient ko nga eh pero the problem is I easily get sidetracked.

Yesterday before I slept I Googled on how can you prevent being sidetracked and one of the tips that resonated with me was ‘don’t plan much, just do it!‘. I love planning (a little too much) but I end up not getting much result or action from those plans, pathetic.

I decided to just write today, now! Real-time! No drafts so forgive my random thoughts, it’s my random blog in the first place.

It’s 13:02 and I’m having my second lesson for the day. I’m working for a Japanese company and we offer English tutorial services to Japanese and Brazilian students. I am working home-based and as much as possible I try to work for 10 hours everyday! I started my English tutor journey way back in my Junior year at the University. It has been a glorious five-year career and still ongoing. There are ups and downs with this career (just like any other) but the fact that I stayed here for half a decade already means that it’s not that bad. It can pay the bills!

It’s 13:12 I’m having an article discussion with my student and it’s about an award-winning novel that is written using only a single sentence. The novel is 223 pages long consisting a single run-on sentence. Ang toxic basahin ng novel naisip ko haha, iyong explanation ng author why he had this writing style ay dahil ghost ang main character. First person narration siya so iyong perspective ng ghost ang mababasa sa novel and as a ghost the character doesn’t know when he will disappear kaya ganoon, run-on sentence siya. It’s been a long time since I last finished a novel/book. I love reading talaga pero hindi book. I feel bad about it actually. #ZeigarnikEffect

It’s 13:28 and I have two more minutes before my next lesson. I’m thirsty. Ayan bumaba ako para kumuha ng tubig. Hassle talaga kapag two-floors bahay, tapos nasa baba ang kusina tapos kwarto mo nasa taas. My current lesson is about another article on how making others meet can make you happier. It’s like when you introduced a friend to another friend and they end up being friends too or even couples. I agree happiness lies in our relationships talaga.

It’s 14:36 and I’m now talking to my fifth student today. My YouTube vlogs are finished uploading na rin sa wakas. I do vlogs but these videos are all unlisted. I love to randomly record videos of my everyday life especially when I’m out. After this class, I’ll have my 25 minutes break I hope to add more substantial thoughts here by then.

It’s 17:47  and the sun is about to set. I’m on my last class for this shift. I’ll have another 30 minutes break after this. It’s time to take a shower and eat dinner.

It’s 18:43 and my current student is not picking up, I still need to wait for him though until the lesson slot ends. I’m done eating dinner. Mom cooked Bicol Express which was really good I tried not to overeat though. I did not have enough time to shower, maybe on my next break at 21:00.

20:55 My third shift just ended yahoo! I’ll take a shower na GG!

23:51 and I’m done for today! 10 hours today whewsz.

Grabe sorry sobrang random ng blog post HAHA! GG! Thanks for reading. I’ll do a lot of reading tonight and maybe eat midnight snack kasi shocks I watched Mukbang videos again huhu.

Night guys.


Hello! I just wanna share this Matcha Pudding kit I received from a friend in Japan.

A box contains four sachets of matcha powder mix. Just add water or milk and refrigerate for two hours (or less, if you’re impatient like me).

This is the finish product.

I used milk, sobrang creamy and yummy, hehe! Saya ko po. #MatchaErrthing

I MISS JAPAN. HUHUHU! I actually have a one-way ticket to Tokyo this December pero I can’t go this time ang lungkot mga besh.


Hello to my first holiday drink this year; Santa Hat Dark Mocha Frappe. I had this two weeks ago at Starbucks Tagaytay with my High Shool friends #HSFam

We ‘planned’ our annual get together/Christmas party at the cafe.. ang saya kasi ang productive namin. I’m happy na I’m not the sole planner HUHU HAHA! Clingy HSFam TYSM! I realized ang dami rin naming endeavors this year #HSNEVERENDS indeed.

Super excited na me para sa party this December, well one of the many parties siguro kapag masipag me makipagsocialize at mapush mga planned get togethers haha.

Random: I really want to go to Baguio next month! HUHU! I miss the place, legit.